Hey, little buddies!
When I was ten, my parents bought me a BB gun for Christmas.  I loved that gun.  My friends and I had so much fun hunting and target practicing!  We would search the roadside ditches for soft drink bottles, which in those days were made of glass and could be returned to the store for a deposit.  Some kinds of bottles brought two cents and others brought three cents.  When we had one of each, we could turn them in at the store and have a nickel.  We always bought BB’s with that nickel, and you could get over a hundred of them.
beebee gun
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Once Randy, my buddy across the street, fumbled with his gun as he reloaded it and BB’s went all over the sidewalk.  My other friend, Ralph treated it as a joke and greedily picked up the little copper balls and put them into his own gun.  Like a dummy, I followed his example and we tried to make Randy see how funny it all was.
But a few days later I was shooting with Randy at his house and when I went home I forgot my gun.  Later that day I saw him run out into his yard and throw down my gun.  When I went to get it, there was not a single BB left in it.  Randy had taken all my BB’s, nearly a whole hundred-shot pack.
All of a sudden, taking somebody else’s BB’s didn’t seem like a joke.  When it happened to me, it wasn’t funny at all.  I learned a lesson from that.  Ever since then, I’ve always tried to treat others as I’d like to be treated myself.  I hope you have learned that lesson, too.

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