Uncle Rick Reads Jack of the Pony Express

"Orphans preferred!" That`s what the Help Wanted ad for the original Pony Express said.

Uncle Rick Reads Cowboy Dave

Young Dave Carson, heir to the sprawling Bar U ranch, is no stranger to trouble.

Dave Dawson and the RAF

Dave Dawson and his British friend, Freddy are the two youngest pilots flying fighters for the Allies.

Uncle Rick Reads Airship Andy

Zoom off into adventure with Andy Nelson, the intrepid young pilot.

The Runt

Kit Carson Hunt was tired of being the smallest boy in the Flat Creek country. But God moves in strange ways.

Dave Dawson at Dunkirk

Dave is in Paris with his father when Hitler’s attacking hordes come swarming through northern France.

The Boy From the Ranch

Roy Bradner knew his way around the ranch. He was a top hand with a lariat or a six-shooter and could stick like a leech to the saddle of a plunging, bucking bronco.

Uncle Rick Reads Boy Pilot of the Lakes

These mighty freshwater, inland seas have been the scene of many exciting adventures and have claimed the lives of hundreds of brave sailors.

The Life of Stonewall Jackson

“There stands Jackson like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virginians!” That was the cry of a fellow Confederate general to encourage his retreating troops.

The Kings Messenger

When Robert and Eben rescue a stranger from wolves, they are shocked to find that the unconscious man is a messenger of the King.

Revolutionary Heroes

A new nation is born! Thirteen feeble English colonies, disowned by their king and parliament, denied the rights and protections due them as Englishmen, take up arms against the mightiest nation on earth to fight for their freedom.

Stories of Great Americans for Young Americans

Hear the true stories of George Washington, John Paul Jones, Robert E. Lee, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Robert Fulton, George Peabody, and Thomas Edison.

The Land Hero of 1812

For over a hundred fifty years, American children have thrilled to the exploits of this legendary soldier, duelist, politician and Indian fighter.

Patrick Henry - Firebrand of the Revolution

"Give me liberty or give me death!" That was Patrick Henry's ringing challenge to his fellow patriots in the days leading up to the American Revolution.

With Whip and Sour

Revolutionary War battles, Paul Revere’s gallop to warn the patriots at Lexington and Concord,the girl who rode with Confederate legend, General Bedford Forrest, Buffalo Bill Cody’s hair-raising adventures and more!

AMERICA FIRST: Stories from Our Own History - Volume 1

Wars, treasure hunts, explorations, gold rushes, Indian fights, buffalo hunts, whaling excursions and a thousand more varieties of hair-raising exploits cover the pages of our national story.

Cowboys and Cattle Trails

Here is the story of a cowboy whose life seems almost too exciting to be true. But true it is, and the tale of John Kendrick is the story of the American West in all its adventure, hardship, romance and color.

Stories About Famous Men and Women

Here you will hear about rough-riding Theodore Roosevelt, who conquered a wild bucking horse though he had four broken ribs after his first fall. You will hear about Pocahontas and her valiant rescue of Captain John Smith.

With Wind and Tide

You'll sail with John Paul Jones, Stephen Decatur--even the infamous Captain Kidd, the pirate! Here are breathtaking true tales of desperate battles on the waves, daring explorers, stouthearted pilgrims and a huge whale that turned on his hunters and sank their ship.

Fooling the Enemy - A Story of the Siege of Boston

While they spend their time in parties and balls—even presenting plays—young Patriot spy Frank Lowry is threading his way between their sentries to take his dispatches to General Washington.

Or with Montgomery in Canada

Young Abram Billings awakes from a blow on the head from a rifle butt to the darkness of his cellar prison. How could he escape and continue his mission against the British for spymaster Paul Revere?

Into the Jaws of Death

At sixteen, Amos has had enough. He’s been virtually a slave to evil Aram Van Tyne since the age of five, beaten, scolded and half-starved.

The Tory Plot Or, Saving Washington’s Life

The British are marching on New York. The King hopes to bag George Washington and his entire army in a mighty battle.

Famous Frontiersmen

The pioneers of the forests, mountains, plains and deserts who daily risked their lives to open the way for others to follow in the search for new homes in the fabled West.

The Life of J. E. B. Stuart

Bold, dashing and adventurous, General “Jeb” Stuart rode into American history as cavalry chief of the army of the Confederacy.

Once Upon a Time in Connecticut

Indian raids. Battles with pirates. A killer she-wolf. Prison escapes. This was life in Connecticut in colonial and revolutionary times!

Uncle Rick's History for Preschoolers

Teach history to your children through true stories of America's own heroes. Kids love to learn history through stories!

The True Story of Lafayette

He was a boy general. The young Marquis de Lafayette set sail for America in a ship purchased with his own money to cast his lot with George Washington's embattled citizen soldiers.

Petticoat Warriors

Meet some great women who endured great danger and sacrifice to bring freedom to America!

The True Story of George Washington

He was called the Father of his Country: George Washington - soldier, surveyor, farmer, statesman - the epitome of the American Hero.

Stories of Life and Adventure

Stories of Life and Adventure: Explore the wilderness with pioneers and brave the dangers of the vast ocean with the New Bedford whaling men!

AMERICA FIRST: Stories from Our Own History - Volume 2

Wars, treasure hunts, explorations, gold rushes, Indian fights, buffalo hunts, whaling excursions and a thousand more varieties of hair-raising exploits cover the pages of our national story.

From Log Cabin to White House- The Life of James A. Garfield

From his log cabin boyhood, to his miraculous escape from death by drowning that led to his soul’s salvation, to his Civil War heroics, to his election to the White House and finally to his death at the hands of an assassin, Garfield’s life seems almost too dramatic to be true.

Fanny Crosby’s Story of Ninety-four Years

Frances Jane Crosby was blinded by an unwise medical treatment at only six weeks of age. Her blindness was irreversible and she remained sightless for the rest of her long life. Yet she was never heard to complain.

The Rush for Gold

The Gold Rush! Those were exciting days in the history of America. The news of gold discovered at Sutter’s Mill sent hundreds of thousands of “Forty-niners” racing across the country on horseback, in covered wagons and around the Horn on swift ocean schooners.

Paul Revere and the Boys of Liberty

Freedom hangs in the balance as Revere and his brave spies are all that is standing between the might of King George.

From Midshipman to Commodore Or The Glories of our Infant Navy

The true story of Stephen Decatur has thrilled the hearts of patriotic American young people for over a century. Going to sea as a youth in his teens, Decatur experienced more of danger and adventure than an ten ordinary men before his career was ended.

Hero of Ticonderoga Ethan Allen and His Green Mountain Boys

Of all the patriot heroes of the Revolutionary War, none was known more for his boldness and determination than Ethan Allen.

The Cruise of the Essex Or, Making the Stars and Stripes Respected

England has declared war on America—again! Her thousand ships rule the waves and she never hesitates to seize American ships and kidnap their sailors for their own navy.

General Israel Putnam

No part of America’s history is more exciting than the turbulent years of the Revolutionary War.

The Life of Robert E. Lee

The story of the Civil War and the Confederate States of America will forever be entwined with the honored memory of the South’s greatest general, Robert E. Lee. His military genius made him victor time and time again over armies far larger and better equipped than his own.

Uncle Rick Tells Stories of the War for Independence

These are excellent patriotic stories of events that occurred during the War of Independence, such as the Boston Tea Party, and events that led to the war and people involved in it.

The True Story of Benjamin Franklin

Perhaps no other American of his time was so well-known and accomplished so much in the interest of American independence as Benjamin Franklin.

The True Story of Christopher Columbus

Other sailors in his primitive day feared the uncharted waters beyond which lay—what?

Marion's Men

The Swamp Fox! Was there ever a more exciting life than that of General Francis Marion, the wily swamp fighter of the Carolina colonies?


One of the most powerful ways to inspire kids to greatness is through the stories of great people from the past.

Four American Pioneers

The blood-curdling war whoop, the smell of smoke from muzzle-loading rifles, the howl of the wolf and the ringing of the axe come to life again in this thrilling collection of biographies from early America.

Freedom’s Flag: The story of The Star-Spangled Banner

Everybody knows the first verse of our National Anthem. But few of us know the story behind why the song was written.

Brave Deeds of the Confederate Soldiers

You’ll hear about Belle Boyd, the famous southern spy. You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat as you follow Private Munsford in his death-defying escape from a Yankee prison. You’ll even soar aloft in a hot air balloon with a Confederate observer to report on Union forces.

Uncle Rick Reads the Book of Famous Soldiers

The Book of Famous Soldiers brings together the stories of thirteen immortals of history: Washington, Grant, Lee, Jackson, Napoleon, Wellington, Foch and Jaffre, Pershing, Marshall, Eisenhower, and MacArthur- and Rodger Young, the only enlisted man on this roster of generals.

The Minute Men of Massachusetts

War was in the wind! As the British government drew the cords of tyranny ever tighter around the colonies, the Minute Men gathered in secret to prepare for the struggle.

In Buff and Blue Or Serving Under Old Put

Another exciting story of America’s struggle for independence, In Buff and Blue begins with a a sword duel and ends with Washington’s masterful withdrawal from Long Island.

Captain of the Minute Men Or The Concord Boys of 1775

Patriot leaders, Sam Adams and John Hancock are staying with a friend in Concord and the town is full of hidden stores of guns and ammunition for the Patriots in case of British attack.

Dashing Paul Jones, The Hero of the Colonial Navy

“I have only begun to fight!” That famous phrase was shouted back through the smoke of battle as the captain of the British ship Serapis called on John Paul Jones to surrender. But Jones had no intention of giving up the ship.

Uncle Rick Reads the Christmas Carol

Fun for the whole family! It's part of our Christmas traditions every year.

Stories of the Pilgrims

This read-aloud book about the Pilgrims begins in pre-voyage Holland ans engages the listener in the lives of personally named characters aboard the Mayflower.

Uncle Rick Reads Little Pioneers

What an adventure! Barely a hundred brave souls boarded a tiny ship and set across the stormy Atlantic to build a new nation based on God’s truth.

Uncle Rick Reads the Psalms

Rick Boyer reads the Psalms just as he reads it to his own kids -- complete with comments, colorful example stories and simple explanations of unusual words in the text.

Bible Stories Volume 1

Creation through the flood, Adam and Eve, and Cain Kills his brother Abel- Uncle Rick makes these exciting stories come alive with his folksy, colorful commentary.

Character Trails Stories

Uncle Rick reads the passage from scripture in story form, giving his character building comments while he reads.

Gospel of Matthew

The study of character is in fact learning the attributes of Jesus. What better place to learn of Jesus than in the Gospel of Matthew.

Book of James

The Book of James helps us learn how to control our tongue and also how to deal with temptation. God's Word never returns void!

Growing in Wisdom

Uncle Rick reads God's Word dealing with 32 negative character traits and their corresponding positive qualities. As he reads, he comments as he does for his own children.


Our children learned tons of Scripture without even trying. As they grew up it helped them to view the world through the framework of God's Word and as adults, the Scriptures learned as children still pops up to guide them through life!

Book of 1 Peter

What a fun, easy way to hide God's Word in your child's heart! I Peter helps us learn our roles in life as a child, husband, and wife, and how to interact with others.

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