Hey, little buddies!
A famous man once said, “Men are respectable only as they respect.”

In other words, other people won’t respect you if you don’t respect others. Maybe you know someone who is always talking about other people as if they aren’t as smart as he is, or as athletic or as popular. That person is not much fun to be around, is he? If he talks that way about others to you, you think that maybe he says the same things about you when he’s talking to others. And he probably is.

Some people try to impress their friends by talking badly about others. They think it makes them look better. But nobody really respects that type of person. In fact, it makes them look worse than the people they’re talking about. If you want other people to like you and respect you, say all the good things about others that you honestly can.

Show respect to people you’re talking about, and to people you’re talking to. Whatever a man sows, that is what he will also reap. Would you like to hear a great story about respectfulness? Listen about Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote the words to The Star Spangled Banner in Uncle Rick Reads Portraits of Integrity and also in Uncle Rick Reads Freedom’s Flag!

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