Six Feet Six – The Heroic Story of Sam Houston


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Six Feet Six
When young Sam Houston left home at the age of sixteen, he little dreamed of the adventures and challenges that awaited him. He lived with the Cherokees for three years, was adopted by a great chief, and named Raven. Anyone seeing the young man in his buckskins would never have dreamed that he would one day serve as a soldier, a congressman, a senator, and as governor of two different states. His greatest achievement was leading the fight to free Texas from the tyranny of Mexico, forming it into the Republic of Texas. After the slaughter of the Texans in the Alamo by Santa Anna’s army, Houston led the ragtag army of Texas to an overwhelming victory over Santa Anna at San Jacinto. Sam Houston was the first man elected to the presidency of Texas.

A man of strong opinions and character, Houston encountered strong friends and powerful enemies as well.  Many times he faced failure and defeat, but every time he picked himself up and fought on. He lives on in America’s history as a mighty man of valor.


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