Hey, little buddies!
Psalm 16:8 has an important message for us.  It says,
“I have set the Lord continually before me; Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”
This may be where the expression, “my right-hand man” came from.  When we think of a right-hand man, we think of somebody whose help we need badly, someone we can always depend on.  The Psalmist says in this verse that he is constantly thinking about the Lord and that because the Lord is always at his right hand, he is confident and steady.
You know what this makes me think of?  It reminds me of battles in ancient times.  Imagine yourself in the front of the battle, striking away at the enemy with your sword.  Your sword protects you in front.
On your left arm you have your shield, so no one can hit you from that direction.  You’re facing your enemy, so nobody can attack you from the back. But what about your right side?  There’s no shield there to protect you.  You can’t use your sword to fight off an enemy from that side.  But don’t worry.  The Lord is at your right hand.  Nobody can come through Him to hurt you.
Go ahead and fight your battle, young warrior.  Face your enemy.  Hold firm the shield on your left.  And remember that the Lord is at your right hand.  You can stand, firm and strong.

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