Hurray for Molly Pitcher


Hey, little buddies!

Have you ever heard of Molly Pitcher?  That wasn’t her real name.  Her real name was Molly Hays.  She got her famous nickname in the Battle of Monmouth in the Revolutionary War. 

Molly’s husband, John was a gunner in Washington’s army.  When the war came near their Pennsylvania home, Molly went to the battlefield with a pitcher to carry water to the American soldiers.  For some of the wounded, Molly brought the last act of kindness that they would ever know.  The extremely hot day added casualties from heat stroke to those of bullets and explosions.

As Molly staggered around the field of carnage, refilling her pitcher at a creek and returning to give water to the soldiers, she found that her dear John had passed out from heat stroke beside his cannon.  Quickly Molly took his place.  She swabbed, loaded and fired it like a trooper until the British finally retreated from the field.

Hurray for Molly Pitcher!  She was willing to serve others wherever and however she was needed.  Are you and I willing to do the same?

You can read a great story about Molly in Chapter 3 of Portraits of Integrity. Also Uncle Rick tells about her in Petticoat Warriors.

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