Have you ever felt inferior? Have you ever felt bad because your brother or your sister or your friend could do certain things better than you? I used to. When I was a boy I had a terrible feeling of inferiority. My older brother was good at sports and smart in school. I was not very good in sports and hated school. I was also small for my age, so I got picked on a lot. It made me feel very bad.

What I didn’t know was that God had made me in a special way for a special purpose. As years went by things changed. I wasn’t very good at school and sports, but I got better as I got older. I got bigger, too. I was good at some things and not so good at others. Everybody is that way. But that wasn’t what was important. The important thing was God’s plan for me.

I finally learned that what God wanted in my life was not for me to be better than somebody else or more popular than somebody else or smarter than somebody else. He wanted me to grow in character and become more like Jesus. That’s what really matters in life. We should all be thankful for how God made us, because He is always working to make us better. As we get older, we grow in wisdom and godliness. Sometimes it is the things we suffer because of our weaknesses that build godly character in us.

That’s why I wrote The Runt. It’s a book about a boy who thought he was too little. God brought a dog into his life to teach him that He never makes mistakes. There’s a lot of adventure in the story and some funny stuff too. I think you’ll like it. I recorded it for the Uncle Rick club, so if you haven’t heard it you might want to listen to it this month. Here’s the first chapter for you to read.

Have you ever wished that God had made you differently? How have you seen Him working in your life through your weaknesses?

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