ChristmascarolwebcopyUncle Rick Reads the Christmas Carol Fun for the whole family! It’s part of our Christmas traditions every year.


pilgrims_800Uncle Rick Reads Stories of the Pilgrims This read-aloud book about the Pilgrims begins in pre-voyage Holland and engages the listener in the lives of personally named characters aboard the Mayflower. Two children are born enroute and the plot is not missing its better known characters like Squanto. It ends with a special focus on the origins of holidays and spiritual traditions. The book was first published in 1910 and still holds a special attraction for children of all ages. Uncle Rick reads the book in his traditional fashion, interjecting character comments along the way. download

littlepioneersUncle Rick Reads Little Pioneers

What an adventure!  Barely a hundred brave souls boarded a tiny ship and set across the stormy Atlantic to build a new nation based on God’s truth.  Arriving months later on the barren shore of a wilderness they called New England, these pioneers had to build their own homes, grow and hunt their own food and somehow survive bitter winters and summers full of toil and danger. 

They were attacked by some Indians and befriended by others.  They defended themselves from the natives who sought their lives and shared the Gospel with those who would listen.  After their first good crop, the Pilgrims shared their harvest with their Indian friends and a holiday called Thanksgiving was born.
This is the exciting story of the Christian pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, told through the eyes of their children and based on historical truth.  Listen as Uncle Rick recounts the dangers, the fun, the struggles and the adventures of these young people, growing up in the earliest years of the land that came to be called America!


pilgrims_children_800Stories of Pilgrims for Children This book about the Pilgrims written in 1918 seeks to write an accurate history of the Pilgrims which could be vouched for by Governor Bradford`s history. The author has written with the goal of personalizing true accounts for small children, adding conversation as is fitting to still represent an accurate general impression of all involved. Although he writes for small children, the story is very fitting for young children to listen to and up through junior high to enjoy. download


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