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Petticoat Warriors

PetticoatcopyOne of the lesser known facts of our nation`s history is the important role played by American women in our War for Independence from England. In this series you will meet some great heroines such as:

  • Dicey Langsten who braved treacherous swamps and flooding rivers to warn her brother, a Patriot soldier and his comrades of an imminent Tory attack.
  • Catherine Sherrill Sevier, who refused to tell the whereabouts of her Patriot husband even when threatened with death at gunpoint.
  • Deborah Sampsen, who disguised herself in men`s clothing and fought as a soldier in Washington`s army.
  • Betty Zane, who left the protection of a besieged fort and braved the gunfire of 500 Indians and Tories to fetch gunpowder from a nearby cabin.
  • Molly Hays, who became famous as Molly Pitcher for taking over her husband`s place serving an American cannon when he went down in battle against the British.

Now you can meet these great women and many others who endured great danger and sacrifice to bring freedom to America! download

Little Pioneers

Little-Pioneers_800What an adventure!  Barely a hundred brave souls boarded a tiny ship and set across the stormy Atlantic to build a new nation based on God’s truth. Arriving months later on the barren shore of a wilderness they called New England, these pioneers had to build their own homes, grow and hunt their own food and somehow survive bitter winters and summers full of toil and danger.
They were attacked by some Indians and befriended by others.  They defended themselves from the natives who sought their lives and shared the Gospel with those who would listen.  After their first good crop, the Pilgrims shared their harvest with their Indian friends and a holiday called Thanksgiving was born.
This is the exciting story of the Christian pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, told through the eyes of their children and based on historical truth. download

Stories of the Pilgrims pilgrims_children_800This read-aloud book about the Pilgrims begins in pre-voyage Holland and engages the listener in the lives of personally named characters aboard the Mayflower. Two children are born enroute and the plot is not missing its better known characters like Squanto. It ends with a special focus on the origins of holidays and spiritual traditions. The book was first published in 1910 and still holds a special attraction for children of all ages. Uncle Rick reads the book in his traditional fashion, interjecting character comments along the way. download

Patrick Henry – Firebrand of the Revolution

PatrickHenry_800“Give me liberty or give me death!” That was Patrick Henry`s ringing challenge to his fellow patriots in the days leading up to the American Revolution. Listen as Uncle Rick reads Patrick Henry – Firebrand of the Revolution and relive the glorious days of America`s founding. Learn about his relationships with George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and other heroes. This book brings a champion of freedom back to life. Meet the patriot, the farmer, the lawyer, the governor, the family man, the Christian – Patrick Henry! download


The True Story of George Washington

George_800He was called the Father of his Country: George Washington – soldier, surveyor, farmer, statesman – the epitome of the American Hero. Now this American giant comes alive once again in this classic audio reproduction of the 1895 biography by famed historical writer Elbridge S. Brooks.

Though neglected by modern history books, George Washington was once the hero of every patriotic American boy and girl. Now he once again assumes his rightful place as, in the words of General “Light Horse Harry” Lee, “First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen.” 

Read in the entertaining and informal style of “Uncle” Rick Boyer, children of all ages will love this great biographical classic and Uncle Rick`s Character Commentary, added throughout to give the full benefit of the life example of this exemplary man. Watch your children effortlessly learn history, language and sterling character as Uncle Rick Reads The True Story of George Washington! download

The True Story of Layfayette Lafayette_800He was a boy general. The young Marquis de Lafayette set sail for America in a ship purchased with his own money to cast his lot with George Washington`s embattled citizen soldiers.  Committing both his life and his fortune, Lafayette soon earned the great General`s deep respect as well as his warm and lasting friendship.  Always at the hottest point in the battle, yet never striving for his own glory, the youthful soldier proved both his courage and loyalty to the cause of freedom.  And when that freedom was won for his American comrades, he returned to his native France to spend the rest of his adventurous life fighting for the same “rights of the people” in his home country.  Here is Lafayette—hero to the new American nation and a worthy model for young people of every generation. Approx. 4 hours. download

The True Story of Christopher Columbus 3325-1807-largeThe great adventurer who dared to go where no man had gone before.Other sailors in his primitive day feared the uncharted waters beyond which lay—what? Perhaps great wealth and fame, perhaps terror, disaster and death. Most explorers balked at the dangers portrayed in the legends—sea monsters, whirlpools, waterfalls, cannibals and giants. But Columbus, convinced that he had been sent on a mission for God pressed on in his three little ships. Finally landing on a small island off the coast of Florida, Christopher Columbus became, not the first explorer to land in the New World, but the first European to keep coming back and the first to spread the word throughout the continent, leading to the first permanent European colonies in America and eventually, the birth of the United States. Go back in time with Uncle Rick and sail with Christopher Columbus on one of the greatest adventures in history—the voyage to the New World! download

war1812largeThe Land Hero of 1812 by Chauncey C. Hotchkiss Andy Jackson!  For over a hundred fifty years, American children have thrilled to the exploits of this legendary soldier, duelist, politician and Indian fighter.  Scarred for life by a saber cut from an arrogant British officer in the Revolutionary War, young Andrew held a lifelong grudge against the British and tyranny in all forms.  Jackson was the seventh President of the United States and guided the young nation through some dangerous and difficult times.  Yet perhaps he’s best known as tough Old Hickory, the fiery leader of the American backwoods fighters who demolished the British attack on New Orleans in the climactic battle of the War of 1812.  Now the sons and daughters of modern America can once more listen, entranced to the true adventures of this bold, rough, cunning leader whose followers were willing to stick with him through any challenge. download

Independence_500Uncle Rick Tells Stories of the War for Independence These stories were originally published in 1908 for use  in the public school as fifth/sixth grade reading material. They are excellent patriotic stories of events that occurred during the War of Independence, such as the Boston Tea Party, and events that led to the war and people involved in it. They are fascinating for kids ages 5- 13. Approx. 150 minutes.


frontiersmen_800Famous Frontiersmen Their lives were the stuff legends are made of!  The pioneers of the forests, mountains, plains and deserts who daily risked their lives to open the way for others to follow in the search for new homes in the fabled West.  They had to hunt their own food, build their own shelter, watch constantly for enemies and face the threats of nature.  They were the explorers, scouts, trappers, Indian fighters, rangers and buffalo hunters who gambled everything to go where few had gone before.  Take to the wilds with Uncle Rick and blaze a trail to adventure!

franklin_nomp3_800The True Story of Benjamin Franklin

Perhaps no other American of his time was so well-known and accomplished so much in the interest of American independence as Benjamin Franklin. A signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Franklin was also America`s envoy to France and England, America`s first Postmaster General, President of the Colony of PA, and even for a while a general in the PA militia. The epitome of the self-made American, Franklin acquired most of his superb and practical education by his own study.

He was a printer, a writer, a publisher, a businessman. He started the first circulation library in America. He established the school that became the University of PA, the publication that became the Saturday Evening Post and the first fire and police departments in America. In the turbulent days of America`s birth, Franklin was the godfather of the nation, the ultimate elder statesman to whom Washington, Jefferson, and Adams listened to with great respect.

Long buried in obscurity, this once-famous biography of Franklin has been revived and audio-recorded by Uncle Rick in his ongoing mission of introducing the children of America to the glories of their heritage as Christian American. download

greatamericanswebcopyThe True Story of Great Americans for Young Americans by Eldridge S. Brooks All children need heroes who will inspire them to dream big dreams and do great things. True Stories of Great Americans for Young Americans is a collection of exciting true accounts of the lives of great American men and women who made their mark on history and demonstrated worthy ideals for future generations to aspire to. Uncle Rick`s friendly, informal style brings to colorful life some of America`s brightest luminaries to entertain and inspire boys and girls everywhere!

This is probably meant for ages 7-14, but our 4 year old grandchildren LOVE and REMEMBER the true stories and ASK to hear them again and again, often while riding in the car.  We firmly believe in letting them listen while young. Let them grow up hearing the hero stories again and again and be inspired by the heritage left to us in this country.

Stories include: George Washington, John Paul Jones, Rob E Lee, B Franklin, Patrick Henry, Robert Fulton, George Peabody, Thomas Edison

 This wonderful collection of hero stories is approximately 4 hours of listening fun! download

revolutionary-heroesUncle Rick Reads Revolutionary Heroes A new nation is born! Thirteen feeble English colonies, disowned by their king and parliament, denied the rights  and protections due them as Englishmen, take up arms against the mightiest nation on earth to fight for their freedom. They have no army, no navy, no treasury, no allies. But what they do have is a generation of men and women of superior wisdom and character, made strong by a deep faith in their God and the demands of living in a raw new land. Listen and be inspired as Uncle Rick reads the true story of some of the heroes who gave us America!!


preschool-history-300Uncle Rick’s History for Preschoolers Little boys and girls need big heroes to look up to. Let Uncle Rick teach history to your children through true stories of America`s own heroes. Kids love to learn history through stories! Uncle Rick’s History for Preschoolers teaches twelve character qualities: Obedience, Patience, Responsibility, Gratefulness, Respectfulness, Honesty, Initiative, Diligence, Kindness, Self-Control, Contentment and Deference (sharing). Learn true inspiring stories of John Morton, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Corrie ten Boom, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Belle Boyd, Dolly Madison, Sergeant York and more! Approx. 160 minutes.


pilgrims_800Stories of Pilgrims for Children This read-aloud book about the Pilgrims begins in pre-voyage Holland and engages the listener in the lives of personally named characters aboard the Mayflower. Two children are born enroute and the plot is not missing its better known characters like Squanto. It ends with a special focus on the origins of holidays and spiritual traditions. The book was first published in 1910 and still holds a special attraction for children of all ages. Uncle Rick reads the book in his traditional fashion, interjecting character comments along the way.


OnceUponATime_800Once Upon a Time in Connecticut Indian raids. Battles with pirates. A killer she-wolf. Prison escapes. This was life in Connecticut in colonial and revolutionary times! Travel back in time with Uncle Rick to the exciting days of frontier New England!

Stories include: The Story of Uncas, an Indian who helped colonists; The Settling of New Haven, CT; The Davenports and Eatons; The Great Shippe; The Frogs of Windham; Indian raids; Israel Putnam; The Melting of King George statue into bullets; Newgate prison; Governor Trumball and General Lafayette. download

the kings messenger extra largeThe Kings Messenger By Capt. Frank Ralph When Robert and Eben rescue a stranger from wolves, they are shocked to find that the unconscious man is a messenger of the King.  In his pouch they find a letter informing the British commander of nearby Fort Ticonderoga that the War of Independence has begun at Lexington and Concord.  He is ordered to start attacking the patriots in the region and destroy their ability to help in the fight for freedom.  At the risk of their lives, the boys take the message to Colonel Ethan Allen.  Now the race is on—can they infiltrate and take the fort before it can send out redcoats on their mission of death and destruction? download

Marion_800Marion’s Men The Swamp Fox!  Was there ever a more exciting life than that of General Francis Marion, the wily swamp fighter of the Carolina colonies? With only a handful of men, Marion lurked in the shady depths of the southern marshes, emerging to strike like lightning at the forces of British General Cornwallis and then vanishing back into the dark forest.  Always outnumbered, fighting with inferior weapons, starving and ragged, Marion’s men nevertheless kept their extraordinary courage against all odds.  Meeting overwhelming numbers of the enemy with bravery and cunning, these early American heroes were a constant thorn in the side of the mighty British army in the southern colonies. Their little force held Cornwallis in check, keeping him from joining the British forces fighting in the north against Washington.  Seldom in history has such a small force of patriots done so much to win freedom for so many! download

  The Three Christian Generals

RE LeeThe Life of Robert E. Lee By Mary Williamson The story of the Civil War and the Confederate States of America will forever be entwined with the honored memory of the South’s greatest general, Robert E. Lee. His military genius made him victor time and time again over armies far larger and better equipped than his own. Lion-hearted on the battlefield, humble in victory and dignified in defeat, his sterling character made him admired both north and south. The courage, tenacity and bulldog toughness of the hungry, ill-equipped Confederate army that won so many honors on the battlefield was largely due to the soldiers’ loyalty to their beloved Marse Robert. He should be a hero to every American boy and girl for all time. download

stonewall jacksonThe Life of Stonewall Jackson By Mary Williamson “There stands Jackson like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virginians!” That was the cry of a fellow Confederate general to encourage his retreating troops. And rally they did, delivering the young Confederacy its first great victory in the Civil War. That was the birth of the nickname Stonewall, the name that struck fear into the hearts of enemies and kindled flames of pride in loyal southerners. This is the man who won victories against impossible odds, yet filled his letters home with inquiries about the “colored” Sunday school he supported. Brave, humble, fierce in battle yet tender in love for his men, Stonewall Jackson occupies a well-earned place in American history. download

jeb stuart The Life of J. E. B. Stuart (Christian General) By Mary Williamson Bold, dashing and adventurous, General “Jeb” Stuart rode into American history as cavalry chief of the army of the Confederacy. Laughing at danger, Stuart led his men in some of the most daring operations in the history of warfare—even riding completely behind and around the Union army! General Lee’s “eyes and ears,” Jeb was here, there and everywhere, leading charges on the battlefield, cutting telegraph wires and capturing prisoners and badly-needed supplies. Come share the adventures of Jeb Stuart—dive into these pages and “jine the cavalry!” download

Israel-Putnam_800Israel Putnam No part of America’s history is more exciting than the turbulent years of the Revolutionary War.  And no man of the time saw more of danger and adventure than a Connecticut farmer who joined the patriot army and rose to fame as General Israel Putnam.  It was Putnam who, in his farmer days crawled into a cave at midnight to hunt a fierce wolf that had been slaughtering helpless sheep throughout the county.  It was Putnam again who fought a raging fire in an Army fort that would otherwise have ignited tons of stored gunpowder and blown the fort and every man in it, to pieces.  It was Putnam who fought the oppressors at Bunker Hill and a hundred other bloody battlefields.

Listen to the true story of Israel Putnam, patriot soldier.  Live once again the adventure of fighting beside men who were prepared to die for freedom for their families, their neighbors and the generations to come!


Stories of Life and Adventure

Stories of Life and Adventure: Early America comes to life in these exciting stories written by famed author, Edward Eggleston and read by Uncle Rick. Explore the wilderness with pioneers and brave the dangers of the vast ocean with the New Bedford whaling men! Your great grandparents loved these dynamic adventure stories and your children will love them, too. download

America-First-1_500AMERICA FIRST: Stories from Our Own History – Volume 1

The history of America is filled with exciting adventures.  Wars, treasure hunts, explorations, gold rushes, Indian fights, buffalo hunts, whaling excursions and a thousand more varieties of hair-raising exploits cover the pages of our national story.  In this riveting volume, Uncle Rick selects the best from a hundred true stories and makes them come alive for his little buddies. download


America-First-2_500 (1)AMERICA FIRST: Stories from Our Own History – Volume 2

The history of America is filled with exciting adventures.  Wars, treasure hunts, explorations, gold rushes, Indian fights, buffalo hunts, whaling excursions and a thousand more varieties of hair-raising exploits cover the pages of our national story.  In this riveting volume, Uncle Rick selects the best from a hundred true stories and makes them come alive for his little buddies.download

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