Adventure Audio Selections

frontiersmen_800Uncle Rick Reads Famous Frontiersmen Their lives were the stuff legends are made of!  The pioneers of the forests, mountains, plains and deserts who daily risked their lives to open the way for others to follow in the search for new homes in the fabled West.  They had to hunt their own food, build their own shelter, watch constantly for enemies and face the threats of nature.  They were the explorers, scouts, trappers, Indian fighters, rangers and buffalo hunters who gambled everything to go where few had gone before.  Take to the wilds with Uncle Rick and blaze a trail to adventure! download

pony-express_800Uncle Rick Reads Jack of the Pony Express “Orphans preferred!” That`s what the Help Wanted ad for the original Pony Express said. It wasn’t easy being a Pony Express rider. Every day, brave young men took their lives in their hands and defied burning sun or icy blizzards, rough mountain trails, highwaymen, and hostile Indians to get the mail through on time. Listen about those hair-raising times and ride with young Jack through the western mountains on the Pony Express! download

BoyPilot_800Uncle Rick Reads Boy Pilot of the Lakes CDs The Great Lakes!  These mighty freshwater, inland seas have been the scene of many exciting adventures and have claimed the lives of hundreds of brave sailors.  Young Nat Morton, wharf rat on the Chicago waterfront, wants nothing more than to work on one of the great ships that ply the waters of the lakes.  He finally gets his chance when he risks his life to save an old ship`s captain who has fallen overboard, but soon finds that many adventures–and many dangers–lie ahead.  Take the helm with Nat as he works his exciting way from wharf rat to boat pilot in The Boy Pilot of the Lakes. download
cowboyDave_800Uncle Rick Reads Cowboy Dave Young Dave Carson, heir to the sprawling Bar U ranch, is no stranger to trouble.  Life on the range in the late 1800`s was a series of challenges that only the strong and resolute could endure.  A cowboy`s life meant hard work, danger and a large dose of the unexpected.  Ride the prairie with Dave and his cowboy pals as they contend with stampedes, prairie fires, fistfights and the plots of hostile neighbors. Adventure is always just over the hill when you hit the saddle beside Cowboy Dave! download

whip_and_spur_LWith Whip and Spur Every young person with a sense of adventure will thrill to this collection of exciting stories from America’s adventurous past.  With Whip and Spur is a glimpse into the dynamic role of the horse in American history, but it is also much more.  These stories of great horse rides offer thrilling depictions of great historical events:  Revolutionary War battles, Paul Revere’s gallop to warn the patriots at Lexington and Concord, the girl who rode with Confederate legend, General Bedford Forrest, Buffalo Bill Cody’s hair-raising adventures as a young Pony Express rider and much more.  In addition, it offers inspiration to great character by providing insight into the courage, loyalty, determination and moral strength of those who built a nation out of a wilderness. download

Uncle Rick Reads Airship Andy Airship_800 (1)It was the early 1920`s, in the infancy of air travel.  Airplanes were called airships and pilots were known as aeronauts.  These were heady times when the human race had just sprouted wings and begun to explore the lofty heights.  The pilots of those days were brave men, daring to climb the heavens in fragile craft with no radios, no altimeters and–no parachutes.

Zoom off into adventure with Andy Nelson, the intrepid young pilot.  Ride with him as he contends with harsh weather, treacherous enemies and the constant prospect of unexpected disaster high in the sky.  So much is depending on the outcome of the great “aeroplane” race.  Can Andy win?  Will he even be able to escape from his adversaries and reach the aerodrome in time to compete?  Take a flight into the past and ride the wind with Airship Andy! download

Ranch_800The Boy from the Ranch Roy Bradner knew his way around the ranch.  He was a top hand with a lariat or a six-shooter and could stick like a leech to the saddle of a plunging, bucking bronco.  But the biggest challenge of his life awaits him when his rancher dad calls upon Roy to leave the western prairie and journey to faraway New York City.  The Bradner family has business in the big city too, and it`s not going well.  Crooked wheeler-dealers, men of influence and power, have their eyes on the Bradner property and will stop at nothing–not even murder–to get what they want.  Will Roy`s western savvy be equal to the task of defeating these crooks and protecting his family?  download
TheRuntcopyThe Runt He was a runt. Kit Carson Hunt was tired of being the smallest boy in the Flat Creek country. He dreamed of doing big things. First, he wanted to rule the Ozark woods with his champion coonhound. But when the dog came into his life, it wasn’t champion material, just a mixed breed hound puppy, and the runt of the litter, at that. But God moves in strange ways. He would use that mongrel pup to teach Kit what it really means to be a winner. Our kids especially love the audio. They have listened to it again and again. This action-packed novel is sure to be a winner with readers of all ages. download

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