Hey, little buddies!

We have new puppies at my house! Can you guess what they look like?

This is their daddy. His name is Mosby.

Mosby is a yellow Labrador Retriever. His coat is a very light yellow.

This is their Mom. Her name is Abigail Adams. She is a Bloodhound and her coat is black and tan.

Who would you guess the puppies would look like-Mosby or Abigail?

Here are the puppies:

The puppies don’t look like either Mosby or Abigail! We weren’t expecting this.

Actually, they look like their grandfather, Mosby’s daddy. His name is Colby and he is a black Labrador Retriever.

The puppies are all black like Colby but they have long, dangling ears like Abigail.

The puppies are eight weeks old now and most of them have already gone to their new homes. But we’ve been having a lot of fun with them.

Do you have a puppy? Or another pet that you like to play with? I’d love to see your pet. Why don’t you post a picture of your pet on the Uncle Rick club blog?

“Uncle” Rick Boyer

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