Hey, little buddies!
Have you ever thought about courage?  What it really means to be brave?
Most of us think of a brave man as a man who isn’t afraid.  But that’s all wrong.  A big bully who likes to pick fights with littler kids isn’t brave.  He’s not afraid of littler kids, but that’s not bravery at all.  If he was really brave and wanted to fight, he’d pick on somebody he wasn’t so sure he could whip.
Many war heroes have been asked about their adventures.  They had done things in battle that could easily have gotten them killed, but they did them anyway, usually to save the lives of their comrades.  Most of these heroes will tell you that they were scared to death when they did their acts of bravery. 
Because that’s what courage really is, you see?  It’s not facing danger without being afraid.  It’s being afraid and yet doing what must be done anyway. 

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