The Pony Express Goes Through by Howard R. Driggs


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A thunder of hoofbeats.  A brief shout of greeting. A small cloud of dust arising around a speeding horse and his courageous rider. The pony express has just flashed by! Here is the amazing true story of a brief but exciting period in American history.  The shipping firm of Russell, Majors, and Waddell risked a fortune on a bet that the mail could be carried by horseback from St. Joseph, Missouri all the way to Sacramento, California in only ten days instead of the weeks required by stagecoach.  Advertising for “small, wiry young fellows” they added the condition: “orphans preferred.”  No wonder!  The pony boys faced danger from storms, landslides, robbers, and Indian attacks.  The dark of night brought the chance that a single misstep could end in disaster.  Still, the intrepid young men kept stepping forward to apply for the job. Uncle Rick brings to life once again that amazing race against time that brought out the best of courage, determination, and endurance as men and horses pushed themselves beyond the limits because “the mail must go through!”


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