Treat your kids to a visit with Uncle Rick while he inspires, instructs and entertains them.  They’ll have so much fun they won’t notice that it’s educational! Enjoy our story!

This month’s story is: The Song that Stopped a Bullet

It was Christmas Eve and famous vocalist Ira Sankey was on a steamboat.  The passengers begged him to sing a song and he willingly agreed.  It should be a Christmas song, of course. And yet…why couldn’t he pick one?   The song that kept coming  to mind was a great hymn, but it had nothing to do with Christmas.  Why couldn’t he get it out of his head?  It wasn’t until he started singing and was heard by a man who had once planned to kill Sankey that the mystery was solved.


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Uncle Ricks Reads the Christmas Carol


Dickens’ most beloved story, read publicly on Christmas Eve each year by Dickens himself, this heartwarming tale continues to stir in everyone the same feelings of repentance, forgiveness, and love that transformed Scrooge from his grumbling “Bah! Humbug!” to sharing Tiny Tim’s happy “God Bless Us, Every One!”

The Christmas Carol

Thank you for your CD’s. We have seven of them and I listen almost every night. I like your CD’s because I know who is reading them and I like how you read them. I want to try to graft some of the trees together that are in my yard like you said on one of your CDs. I am 10 years old. ~ From your little buddy Joel

I have two boys (young teens now) and they have loved Uncle Rick CD’s. Both scripture reading and history stories. They especially like the way he explains things and comments along the way.

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  1. Susan Turner

    Thank you for your hard work. It is a blessing to children.

    • Marilyn Boyer

      You are so welcome Susan. We LOVE doing it. Learning so much history ourselves. It’s inspiring and we want to pass it on. Thanks for commenting.

      • Tina Penner

        Thank you so much for the hard work,when I ask my son ,wanna listen to a story from uncle Rick,he jumps up and comes running,he really enjoyed the stories,it’s actually his favorite subject in school

        • Uncle Rick Boyer

          Thanks so much for letting us know. That is so encouraging. I LOVE reading to my little buddies and I love the content of those old books too. Please say hello to your son from Uncle Rick!


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